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Celebrating the Launching of the Eternity Connection

William Pelech's picture
by William Pelech

A sincere welcome to you, as we together celebrate the launching of the Eternity Connection! The Eternity Connection is the culmination of over 5 years of development work. We are an international community of mediums, healers, educators, and counsellors, who have devoted our lives to the spiritual unfoldment. Our service providers come from all walks of life. Currently, we have service providers from Europe, the UK, and Canada. All our service providers have at one time or another lived two lives, working in a variety of careers and serving the spiritual needs of our local communities.

You will find some very gifted mediums and healers here but you will not find exorbitant fees charges for our services. Our work here is not about self-promotion but about service to humanity. This why we are a non-profit organization. Our purpose is not to generate wealth, but to create a spiritual community which brings together those, who have devoted their lives to unfolding their spiritual abilities, with those in need of spiritual guidance, healing, counselling and education. What you will find here are servants of Spirit, who love the work they do. For as I said at a meeting one night, I have come to realize that once I experienced being in the power of Spirit, there is nowhere else that I would prefer to be. For all of us, it is working in the presence of Spirit that brings our true reward.

Some of you may ask if the Eternity Connection is a religious organization. The answer to this question is that many of our community members are affiliated with a Spiritualist Church or organization. Our Community Covenant is based on the seven principles of Spiritualism. We welcome to our community those who come from a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds. There is no judgement here, as we believe that each being is on their own unique spiritual journey. Our role is to support each person on their path.

If you are interested in developing your own spiritual abilities, please know that we will be offering introductory courses in the new year. Our aim is to help those who wish to unfold their spiritual abilities to one day become a service provider; enabling them to pay it forward so to speak. We call this internal progression. So, stay tuned for the announcement of new courses and opportunities in the coming months.