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About Us

The Eternity Connection exists to support spiritual growth and awareness for all. We are a spiritual community committed to raising the awareness of humankind to realize our true spiritual potential. The Eternity Connection is also a non-profit organization governed by a constitution and a Community Covenant. Our Covenant is informed by the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. It includes guidance including:

  • Reverence for Spirit - we realize that all the gifts and abilities we possess come from the Divine Source.
  • Celebration of Our Respective Journeys of Spiritual Unfoldment - our community is a place to celebrate and diversity of each member’s spiritual unfoldment. This commitment asks that each community member respect the unique beliefs and abilities of all other community members.
  • Collective Responsibility - each member is responsible for the community that we create together and for where they focus their awareness.
  • Eternal Progression - our community is founded upon an ethic of service to humanity through attunement to spirit. We believe that as community members unfold, they will move into different roles in this community.

All of our service providers are certified by their respective professional organizations. Each of our service providers offer safe, effective, ethically guided services to everyone.