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Spiritual Development

Welcome to Spiritual Development

On this page, you will find a list of our current and upcoming course offerings and onsite workshops. Our list will continue to grow over time. Simply click the image to obtain more information about the course or workshop. Online courses are generally offered on a revolving basis and are progressive in nature. This means that if you have missed the start date of a course, simply register for the next time that it is offered. Based upon demand, additional sections of a course may also become available. In the future, we will offer certification in mediumship, spiritual healing, and spiritual counselling. We will also have several onsite workshops offered in various regions.  Our website is a platform for the development and distribution of onsite workshops and training. Please let us know if have a group in your area that would like a custom-designed workshop to meet your needs.

You will also find several descriptors listed with each course:

We offer two basic types of learning opportunities: Courses-which are offered over a specific duration as indicated by the Course Start Date and Course End Date; and, Workshops- onsite workshops which are offered on a regional basis ranging from one to six days..
Our topics will continue to expand over time. Our intention now is to focus primarily on mediumship, spiritual healing, and spiritual counselling. However, other topics will be added over time. If you are looking for a course topic that is not listed here, please let us know.
Refers to what courses you will need to have completed before registering in the course. Since many of our courses are progressive, many of our courses require the completion of other courses. Please let us know if you have completed a similar course elsewhere and would like to receive advance credit to register in your chosen course.
We offer our learning opportunities in three basic formats:
  • Online: To provide the greatest access to as many as possible, we offer many of our courses online via our Moodle learning management system. Moodle is the most widely used online learning platform in the world; used by many universities, schools, and colleges. Our online courses are of various lengths and are interactive and experiential in nature. Each of our courses offers a variety of learning activities including lectures, exercises, videoconference meetings and practice sessions with our students. Each class will have no more than 12 students to ensure maximum support and engagement with your tutor and classmates;
  • Onsite-we also offer several onsite workshops in various regions around the world;
  • and Hybrid- these are courses which involve both online and onsite training. These courses tend to be longer in duration.
This refers to the start and end dates of the course.
Refers to the fee charged for the course. An investment in your own spiritual unfoldment. Additional expenses may occur for supplies and textbooks (where applicable)..
Refers to the number of instructional hours offered by this course including readings, and a variety of learning activities. Our course fees are based upon a cost per instructional hour.

Online Courses

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