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Wanda Garstad-Buchleitner

A Certified Wholistic Health Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Death/Soul Doula, Seidr/ Shamanic Practitioner for over 16 years, Reiki Master Teacher, ASHA Certified Healer, Body Talk Therapist & Systemic Constellation/Family of Origin Therapist. Wanda has been practicing mediumship and Energy Medicine for humans and their animals, in many forms, for many years. Wanda was born and raised in a rodeo and ranching family in southern Alberta. Her connection with nature and animals came very easily and early in her life, that connection is still integral to her life now. Wanda began seeing spirit in many different forms at a very young age. Having had one of her more impactful experiences with spirit at the age of 5 years old. While focusing on family life, this awareness grew stronger and as time went on, in her early 30’s, Wanda began working seriously with her abilities through mediumship and energy healing.

In 2004 Wanda began her journey into Seidr/Shamanism with a mentor and teacher indigenous to her personal European heritage, since then she has worked with many exceptional and gifted teachers. Along with her love of connection, learning and healing, Wanda enjoys teaching, mentoring and facilitating. With the intent to empower others in their journey with life and death, Wanda shares connections with those that have passed, sacred tools, techniques and ceremonies that bring deep transformational experiences into the lives of many.

As a healing professional, Wanda has acquired many modalities and techniques to bring healing into your body, mind and spirit. Wanda works on a priority basis, dealing with dis-ease, blockages and or imbalances in the energy/auric body which imprints over time to the physical body. We all acquire and store events, trauma, pain, anger and other emotions in our energetic and physical bodies, these low vibration energies can cause discomfort, chronic pain, and low life force energy. The techniques used clear these issues, help you become aware and then care for your energy/auric body for yourself. Wanda looks forward to meeting you, assisting in what ever your needs may be, by being a trusted listener & guiding you to a healthy happy you!

With Heart