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Sarah Newman


Sarah Newman grew up in England in the 60’s, in a noisy, energetically volatile family. Being quite creative and highly sensitive, she became labeled as “dramatic,” ’, so she put aside all her connections, voices and intuition to survive. 

As a young adult in Canada, Sarah would go to any local church, no matter the faith, to find solace and a sense of peace.  She would settle into any faith quite comfortably.

It was not until a bad break up in 2014 that Sarah had her first experience with “spiritualism.” Sitting in a mediumship circle in Calgary with Andy Hall, the awareness of her connection  was validated and her sensitivity restored or remembered. 

Under the guidance and education of many courses from UK and local mediums Sarah attended the Arthur Findley College in 2015. Not being well read, she believes that if you ask, you shall receive. 

Today, Sarah is an accomplished artist, a valued Church medium for Calgary First Spiritualist Church, the current Board President, and has started an “Art In The Sanctuary” program for spiritually minded artist. 

She has three beautiful adult sons and two amazing grandkids.  

Her Art is in Galleries, and hangs in many happy places, locally and abroad. 

Sarah believes that “Trust and Surrender” is all we need to do to be happy.