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Robert Cairnie

Robert Cairnie is a Spiritualist Medium and Psychic based in Scotland. He works extensively throughout the UK and online demonstrating mediumship and enjoys working with everyone from large audiences to smaller groups.

Robert also works on a one to one basis providing both mediumistic and psychic readings where he works with individuals on a soul and mediumistic level. During his ongoing development Robert has been trained and mentored by some of the worlds most respected and experienced mediums. In 2016 Robert was one of 3 Mediums In the UK who were awarded the prestigious Gordon Higginson Scholarship from the SNU.


He is a certificate holder in Speaking, Demonstrating and Teaching Mediumship of the Spiritualist National Union and Robert has been teaching workshops and courses in Spiritual Churches and Centres for the past few years and with his kind and patient manner and knack for being able to explain and teach in a simple and effective way, he has become well-loved by his pupils and peers alike.


Robert has a passion and respect for working with the spirit world, proving life continues and death as we know it is merely a transition from this world to the next. He knows that bringing comfort to those that have lost a loved one in this life and helping them understand what has happened is one of the best things one soul can do for another. He fully believes that mediumship and spirituality have the potential to change the world and make it a little bit better.