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Len Morgan

Len is originally from South Wales in the United Kingdom, as a youngster, he had a close connection with the Church of England where he served on the altar, and this was how his curiosity awoke. As the years went by, he never lost his faith knowing that there was something greater than himself. He
attended the spiritualist alliance in Vancouver and quickly realized that there truly was life after death. His first classes for healing work were with Reverend Melba Carlson where he became a certified spiritual healer, he continued his training with the reverend Lynn wells and studied trance and trance

Since moving to Alberta he has studied with the Alberta spiritual healing association where he became certified meeting all of their standards. He regularly is chairperson of the Sunday morning healing service online he also participates as a spiritual healer, and it is as a spiritual healer with a close connection to spirit that he offers his service as a healer to those who require the connection he can bring