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Jill Washington

My name is Jill Washington and my journey toward Spiritualism began with curiosity about the spirit world. This path led me to become an ordained spiritualist minister at St. Brigid’s Spiritual Church of Edmonton.  My studies have included spiritual healing, spiritual counselling and spirit communication and I am currently furthering my studies of mediumship under my mentor Andy Byng, who tutored at Arthur Findlay College.  I am also a contributing author of “The Last Breath” book, sharing one of my many personal experiences with the afterlife.


Through this spiritual journey and mediumship experiences, I have found meaning, understanding, and validation that our soul evolves through lessons in this world towards awakening our spiritual understanding.  My belief is that through personal challenges comes spiritual growth.  We must learn to trust ourselves and the guidance we receive from our higher power which will lead us to a path of forgiveness, healing, and self-love.


I am a registered social worker, counselling Canadian Military members in addiction and grief.