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Cynthia Salomons

Cynthia Salomons had starting having night-time communications with people known to her in 2005 but was repeatedly told she was hallucinating or dreaming these visits for years.  Cynthia had a Spiritual Awakening in 2011 & had spent from childhood until then as an avid Atheist.  She was immediately drawn to Energy healing after trying to find solace in traditional counselling & finding little fulfillment or peace.  Her mediumistic development progressed under the guidance of Rev. William Pelech, leading to her demonstrating spirit communication at Lethbridge Spiritualist Centre services.

Over the years she has received certification in several Healing Energy modalities with the desire to help those that may be struggling or searching in their own life for happiness & peace.  Cynthia started with Lethbridge Spiritualist Centre when Circles began in 2016, became the Administrative Assistant for the Centre in 2017, has progressed to become 1 of the co-instructors for the Mediumship Circles in 2019 & now co-instructs our ASHA program. She attended a mediumship workshop at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England in June 2019. She also works as a Certified Esthetician at Downtown Merle Norman.

Cynthia feels it is an honour to be of service to those in Spirit as well as the loved ones who wish to hear from their loved ones in Spirit.  Cynthia loves to be a conduit to those in need of Healing & provides a safe sanctuary for that to occur.