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Bobbi Pineau

Rev. Bobbi Pineau became involved with Spiritualism in 2007. After spending most of her life searching for a community of likeminded people, Spiritualism finally felt like home.

While always intuitive, Bobbi has spent the last 13 years building a rapport with the Spirit World and learning to trust in the communication, taking every opportunity to learn and develop. She began her journey with beginner Mediumship classes at different Churches in Alberta and then furthered her learning by taking courses with Tutors from the UK and attending the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England several times.

Beyond Mediumship, Spiritualism became a passion. Bobbi has completed courses offered by the Spiritualist Church of Canada and earned certificates from the SCC in Mediumship, Lecturing as well as Healing. In April of 2020, Bobbi was Ordained as a Minister by the Spiritualist Church of Canada.

Bobbi believes that being in service to Spirit is a calling and she feels honoured to be able work with Spirit to bring healing and comfort from their world to ours.