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Bobbi Pineau

Bobbi is a hard-working mother of 4 grown children and a loving wife who has devoted much of the last 10 years discovering and learning about Spiritualism.

It all started with a Mediumship course at the Calgary First Spiritualist Church, which sparked a keen interest in learning more. From there Bobbi has studied with numerous Tutors from Arthur Findlay College. Luckily, she has been able to do much of this development in Calgary but in the summer of 2014, Bobbi was able to travel to England to study at the College in person. In the summer of 2016 she once again traveled to England to study and while there gave her first public demonstration of Mediumship in a Spiritualist Church.

Bobbi has also felt a calling to Healing and has taken many workshops on Healing and Trance Healing. This was a good fit so in the spring of 2017 she took a full healing course through the Gateway Center in Calgary. She will continue to pursue this modality along with her Mediumship.

Bobbi’s life has been dedicated to the service of others, volunteering for many organizations at a number of levels. When her children were young, many of these volunteer activities were centered on children. As the children got older, Bobbi’s focus shifted and much of her time was spent in service at the Calgary First Spiritualist Church.

Bobbi’s desire to see the promotion and expansion of Spiritualism led her to be a diligent volunteer, assisting in the very successful Stansted by the Rockies and many other church activities and then as part of the CFSC’s Board of Directors (as Secretary). Bobbi believes the skills she learnt through her past volunteer activities on committees would be of value to the board of the Spiritualist Church of Canada.

Spiritualism has been and will continue to be a big part of Bobbi’s life as she strives to become a Spiritualist Minister through the Spiritualist Church of Canada, living life in the “Service of Spirit”.