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Your Personal Connection


There is a saying “Heal the soul” I don’t believe that this is true! I believe it is the purity and beauty within the expression of the soul that heals and brings enlightenment to the mind. This is also the space of awareness that experiences so much more than our limited physical senses.

Do you feel that sometimes you would just like to bring contentment and healing into your life as well as having your own personal connection to your very own soul and those individuals that you love in the spirit world? Whether you would just like to have your own personal connection with your soul and connecting to your loved ones, or even bringing your psychic and mediumship potentials to work with them for others, this course will enrich all your spiritual gifts in whichever way you will find what is natural to you"

Join Steven Trolland CSNUt in these three sessions where in this time we will look at your own personal connection and expression with the beauty of your very own soul and look at opening the possibilities of connecting those that you love in the spirit world.

Because much of what we are to experience depends upon what conditions are created.

 We will be looking at creating the correct conditions to bring to the surface your true presence, your soul presence so we can bring strength to your experience during this time.

We will also spend some time looking at creating space to allow the blending for that loving embrace with those you love in the spirit world.

Through this time, we will discuss the possibilities and ways that through strengthening the bond with our own soul and through the expression of life itself, how our loved ones can touch us and can still be a part of our lives as we walk this physical life.

Dates: June 8 to 22nd. Time: 10:00am MT - 12:30pm MT
Cost: 150.00 CAD (Early Bird Special - 140.00 CAD before March 30th)
Instructor: Steven Trolland