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Lily Illesacs

Rev. Lily Illescas is an ordained Minister through the Spiritualist Church of Canada. She has been aware of the Spirit World since she was a child. She has spent several years studying Spiritualism. She has travelled to England to the Arthur Findlay College; took the Educational Course on Modern Spiritualism through The Morris Pratt Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin;  has taken several courses and workshops in mediumship development as well as Trance Healing with many well-known mediums; Rev. Lily has travelled to many countries; during her trips has given demonstrations of mediumship. She loves her connection with nature and the Spirit World, she is a Certified Tarot Reader, works with Crystals, has taken Healing Touch, is a Certified ASHA Healer and Trance Healer and is a Reiki Master. She is also familiar with Healing Sound (Singing Bowls) and house cleansings/ energy clearing. Is certified in Pastoral Care, Palliative Care and Bereavement Care. 

Rev. Lily is one of the Ministers at this church. She volunteers at the Trans healing Clinic and enjoys practicing her platform mediumship because enjoys bringing messages from the other side and believes it is a soul to soul connection. 

Rev. Lily has a degree in Business Administration is a commissioner for oaths as well as a Marriage commissioner;  she has a passion for reading, is a dance instructor, enjoys languages (she speaks 5 earth languages as well as the spiritual language of love and understanding for the Spirit World), she practices yoga, fitness, and also loves History and ancient civilizations.