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Journey of the Soul

In the development of mediumship, the Soul is something that is often spoken about by many but understood by few. In this series of workshops, we will explore the concept of the soul and its part it plays in your development not only as a medium and spiritual worker but as person. We will look at how we can tune into our soul and utilise the power and knowledge that exists within. Along with this we will endeavour to understand how our soul guides us through this like and how it speaks to us every day of our lives. By understanding the language of the soul we unlock the ancient eternal knowledge that it holds not only to help us with our mediumship but maybe more importantly to help us live our lives the way we were always meant to. 

These workshops will consist of Lectures and Practical exercises. Topics will include:
The journey of the soul
The Souls purpose
Discovering the Etherical Template
What the soul actually is
What the Soul can teach us
Exploring past incarnations of the soul (Not past lives)
Guides and aspects of Self
The Forgotten Language of the Soul
Navigating the Dream World
Dream Interpretation
Daydreaming and Imagination
The source of information
Journeying exercises – soul walking (previous incarnations – this life)
Soul to Soul communication
Speaking from your Soul.
Accessing the subtle bodies of the Aura
Soul, Spirit and Self
Personal Exploration - Ego
Material consciousness
The missing run on the ladder.

There is something for everyone in these workshops and I am sure that once you find your way toconnect to your soul within that it will enrich your lives and the lives of others. Please join William Pelech and Robert Cairnie on this exciting journey.

Dates: September 18th-December 4th 1-3pm MT
Instructors: Robert Cairnie and William Pelech
Cost: 240.00 CAD