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Claudia Remy

     My name is Claudia Remy and I am spiritual evidential medium and a Senior Church Medium. I started my journey in 2013.  I have always been very aware of my spiritual gifts from a very young age. Being very sensitive however, I was often aware of spirits as well how people were feeling or thinking (even if they didn’t know it themselves) and just knew things about people in general. Searching for answers and reading everything I can get my hands on, this started me on the most exciting journey I would ever known…… and loving every moment of it.

      I have been studying intensively and continues to unfold my gifts by participating in mediumship circles. I have sat in circles and continue to since 2013. I also had the pleasure of being tutored at The Calgary First Spiritual Church over the las six years as well as being tutored by some of the most renowned international mediums from Arthur Findley College Scotland and Wells.  

     I also had the opportunity in 2017 to travel to the prestigious Lily Dale Assemble where I got to participate over several days doing platform and mini readings and got to meet some pretty amazing people.

     I facilitating and volunteer my time between two different Spiritual churches in Calgary. I   have facilitated mediumship workshops as well as mediumship circles, I do private reads, private group readings, public demonstrations, corporate events and private functions.